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Mobile Transportable Deployment Shredder - Dahle

Need to destroy Top Secret documents in the field? Have a shredder in the office but need one that is portable and rugged? Dahle's Mobile Deployment Transportable Shredder is just the solution. And it's Canada Government Approved for high security shredding!

This Dahle DXC High Security deployable shredder is approved for Type II (Level 6) document and paper destruction.

The shredder itself features two solid steel cutting cylinders that will reduce paper to a 1mm x 4mm particle size. A wooden cabinet and recessed handles make this machine durable and easy to lift.

The sliding drawer catches the shredded waste and allows for easy disposal.

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During transit the Dahle 20434 DXC Transportable Type II / Level 6 shredder is protected by foam padding and an airtight / watertight to prevent damage and corrosion. This cross cut model is lightweight and portable.

canada government approved paper shredderCanada Government Approved
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Moving the Dahle 20434 DXC Deployment Security Cross Cut Shredder machine from one place to another couldn't be easier!

Short Specifications:
Security canada government approved paper shredder Type II / Level 6 (Protected C, Secret / Top Secret) / P-7
Feed width 9 1/2"
Sheet Capacity (20 lb / 16 lb) 6 / 8