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Paper Trimmers & Cutters

paper cutter paper trimmer equipment® carries a wide selection of paper trimmers and cutters for every task! Dahle and Kutrimmer models are durable & long lasting for personal, commercial business and industrial use. Design for precision when cutting paper, photos, scrap-booking or print shop finishing.

Our selection of Dahle and Kutrimmer models are durable & long lasting for use in personal, commercial business, architectural and industrial applications. Not only can these trimmers cut paper - many of them can cut a variety of other materials such as plastics, vinyls, foam matting, matboard, and a host of other flat materials.

Paper trimmer models are available in rotary (or rolling) & guillotine cutting widths from 12 1/2" up to 61" ultra wide format.

Dahle 507 12 1/2" Personal Paper Trimmer Rotary / Rolling


Dahle 507 personal paper trimmers are the new generation of professional quality rotary trimmers designed for rigorous day to day use.

Dahle 508 - 18" Personal Paper Trimmer - Rotary / Rolling


The Dahle 508 personal paper trimmers are also designed for rigorous day to day use. Same professional grade quality, but with a larger cutting format.

Dahle 533 - 12" Guillotine Paper Cutter / Trimmer


The Dahle 533 Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter are performance personal trimmers designed to last. With a self sharpening steel Solingen blade and large sheet capacity, you can depend on this model for years of precision cutting.

Dahle 534 - 18" Guillotine Paper Trimmer / Cutter


The Dahle 534 - 18" Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter / Trimmers offers the same unique high performance standards in this line of equipment. When working with paper as a craft or for professional business use, accuracy is everything.

Dahle 550 Professional - 14 1/8" Rolling Paper Trimmer Cutter


Dahle 550 Professional - Rotary Trimmers is a compact and lightweight cutting solution. It fits neatly on any desktop and can be stored in a drawer or under the desk.

Dahle 552 - 20 1/8" Cut Rotary Rolling Paper Trimmer


The Dahle 552 Professional - Rotary Trimmer is a versatile and high quality cutting solution. This trimmer allows for a larger cutting width on projects.

Dahle 440 Premium - 14 1/8" Rotary Paper Trimmer


Dahle 440 Premium - Rotary Paper Trimmer is the new generation of paper cutters. Designed for business and professional use, these trimmers are durable, and have longevity over other brands on the market.

Kutrimmer 1134 - 13 3/4" Guillotine Paper Cutter


The Kutrimmer 1134 Guillotine Paper Cutter is a light to medium duty trimmer model designed with safety and performance in mind. This line uses a Solingen Steel Blade set which acts like a "scissor" to provide a clean burr-free edge with every cut.

Dahle 560 13 3/8" Professional Guillotine Cutter


With the all new Dahle 560 Guillotine Paper Cutter (lever style), safety is a top priority. The new integrated acrylic blade guard doubles as a paper clamp and completely protect fingers during cutting.

Dahle 554 Professional - 28 1/4" Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter


Dahle 554 Professional Rotary Trimmers are wide format paper cutters designed for accuracy and performance. The base is a durable all metal plate imprinted guides and measures.

Kutrimmer 1135 Triumph - 13 3/4" Guillotine Paper Cutter - Ideal-MBM


The Kutrimmer 1135 Paper Cutter Trimmer - from Ideal-MBM, is also an easy to use model with Lexan® safety guard and cut line indicator imprint. This table top model fits in nicely with any contemporary office decor and is precision crafted for longevity.

Dahle 442 - 20 1/2" Premium Rotary Rolling Paper Trimmer Cutter


Dahle 442 Premium Rotary Rolling Trimmers designed for high sheet capacity and thicker materials. These models include a self sharpening blade which slides in both directions for easier cutting.

Dahle 561 - 14 1/2" Guillotine Style Paper Cutter


Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter has been re-designed with a new look and new features! With a new blade guard that swivels for safety as you pull down the lever cutting blade.

Dahle 444 - 26 3/8" Premium Rotary Rolling Paper Trimmer Cutter


Dahle 444 Premium Rotary / Rolling Trimmers are versatile and reliable cutters designed for premium users who need accurate and professional cutting performance.

Dahle 556 - 37 1/2" Professional Large Format Rotary Paper Trimmer


Dahle 556 Professional Rotary Trimmers are designed for large formats. With a self sharpening cutting blade, encased in an aluminum head and mounted on a circular trim bar - this model allows for a fast, smooth and accurate cut every time.

Triumph 0055 - 21 1/2" Rotary Trimmer


The Triumph 0055 is a 21 1/2" rotary trimmer built with high quality and performance in mind. Designed with anodized aluminum cutting table, complete with dual measurement scales - it's an excellent model for cutting.

Kutrimmer 1046 Triumph 18" Heavy Duty Paper Cutter


The Kutrimmer 1046 is a heavy duty paper cutter which provides a generous 18" cutting width for larger tasks. With a 30* sheet stack capacity, and the easy lift clamp - you can perform perfect a trim every time.

Dahle 558 Professional - 51" Wide Format Rotary Paper Trimmer


Dahle 558 Professional Rotary / Rolling Trimmers are the best of the best in paper cutters and trimmers. Designed for safety and accuracy, the cutting blades are encased in a plastic housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury.

Dahle 565 - 15 1/2" Guillotine Paper Cutter


Dahle 565 Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter is one of the finest precision models available today. Effortlessly produces accurate and clean cuts every time and includes safety swivel blade guard.

Kutrimmer 1038 Triumph Paper Cutter - Heavy Duty


The Triumph 1038 (Kutrimmer) Paper Cutter is a heavy duty compact table top model designed for cutting up to 50 sheets of paper at a time. This model includes a standard back-stop and adjustable front gauge for fine tunning.

Dahle 446 Premium - 36 1/4" Wide Format Rotary Paper Trimmer


Dahle 446 Premium Rolling trimmer has been designed with an ultra-wide cutting width for larger projects. This model allows cutting in either direction for ease of use.

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Triumph 0075 - 29 1/2" Rotary Trimmer


The Triumph 0075 is a mid range wide 29 1/2" rotary trimmer designed for cutting paper accurately. Designed for commercial and professionals alike, it's anodized aluminum cutting surface will last for years!

Dahle 564 - 14 1/2" Guillotine Cutter (With Laser Sighting)


Taking a leap forward in trimmer technology - the Dahle 564 Premium Guillotine Cutter with Laser Sighting provides an advanced cutting solution with a high 40 sheet capacity.

Dahle 448 Premium - 51 1/8" Wide Format Rotary Paper Trimmer Cutter


Dahle 448 Premium Rolling Trimmer has one of the largest wide format cutting lengths on the market. The long 51 1/8" width can be used for larger projects for city planners, architects, commercial drawing and drafting - you can maintain a superior precision trim every time.

Dahle 556s Professional - 37 1/2" Large Format Paper Trimmer


Dahle 556s Large Format Professional Rolling Trimmer is a complete packaged unit which includes the floor stand. The trimmer itself sits on top of a full metal base stand, which includes a catch tray for waste material.

Kutrimmer 1058 Triumph 22 1/2" Guillotine Paper Cutter


The Triumph 1058 (Kutrimmer) 22 1/2" Guillotine Paper Cutter is built on the same great features as the small brother in this trimmer line - by Ideal-MBM. With support and waste tray which folds away, you can adjust for finer tasks on larger format material.

Dahle 446s Premium - 36 1/4" Large Format Paper Trimmer


Dahle 446s Large Format Premium Rotary / Rolling Paper Trimmers provide engineering / drafting firms, city planners graphics and print design houses with one of the best cutting solutions on the market.

Dahle 558s Professional - 51" Large Format Paper Trimmer


Dahle 558s Large Format Professional Rolling Paper Trimmers are designed for safety and accuracy. The cutting blades are encased in a plastic housing that virtually eliminates the chance of personal injury.

Kutrimmer 1071 Triumph Heavy Duty Large Format Paper Cutter


The Kutrimmer 1071 Paper Cutter is a large format trimmer model for commercial or business use. This office equipment is designed for light weight to heavy duty applications.

Triumph 0105u - 41 1/4" Rotary Trimmer - with stand


Wide format trimming is a breeze with the all new Triumph 0105u rotary trimmer & stand. The ultra-wide 41 1/4" cutting width will come in handy for a variety of cutting tasks.

Dahle 567 - 21 1/2" Tabloid Guillotine Paper Cutter


Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine Paper Cutter is also one of the finest examples of professional craftsmanship in this line of trimmers. This unit comes with a locking paper clamp and pull-out catch basin which doubles as a reverse measure back-stop guide.

Dahle 448s Premium - 51 1/8" Large Format Paper Trimmer


Dahle 448s Large Format Paper Trimmer boasts one of the widest cutting widths in the industry. Whether your cutting posters, draft drawings, city planning drafts, or other visual printed matter - this unit will provide a quick precise cut.

Triumph 0135 - 53" Large Format Rotary Paper Trimmer (Kutrimmer)


The Triumph 0135 (Kutrimmer) is an advanced large format paper trimmer with up to 53" width capacity. This model is ideal for rotary (rolling) cuts of blueprints, architectural drawing, posters, large photos, and digital printouts.

Dahle 472 Premium - 72" Ultra Wide Format Trimmer


The Dahle 472 Ultra Wide format trimmer is one of the largest width cutters on the market. Designed with the same high quality standards as all other models in the Dahle line. This model will cut a variety of materials other than paper.

Triumph 0155 - 61" Wide Format Rotary Paper Trimmer (Kutrimmer)


The Kutrimmer 0155 paper trimmer is a 61" ultra wide format and is one of the largest width capacity models® has to offer. With a precision features designed for professional use, this equipment can perform cutting tasks quickly with little effort.

Dahle 569 - 27 1/2" Large Format Guillotine Cutter


The Dahle 569 is an ultra-wide, large format guillotine paper cutter with added safety and measuring features. Designed for use on a table top or work bench, the large 27 1/2" cutting size accommodates small and large jobs alike.

Triumph 1080 (Kutrimmer) Guillotine Cutter - Ideal-MBM


The Kutrimmer 1080 Paper Cutter is a table type floor stand model with a wide area format cutting capacity. Designed for commercial applications where precision and accuracy is a must.

Dahle 580 Premium - Large Format Guillotine Paper Trimmer


Dahle 580 Premium Large Format Guillotine Paper Trimmers are industrial cutters. Designed for heavy work loads, and constructed to with-stand commercial applications and environments.

Triumph 1110 (Kutrimmer) Guillotine Cutter - Ideal-MBM


Large format is what the Triumph 1110 (Kutrimmer) Guillotine Cutter - Ideal-MBM paper cutter was designed for. With one of the widest working sizes available in a guillotine trimmer - this model can handle it all!

Dahle 585 Premium - Large Format Guillotine Paper Trimmer


Dahle 585 Premium Large Format Guillotine is one of the largest area trimmers available on the market in its class. With an ultra-sized 43" cutting area, it can accommodate most jobs in the print trade and can be used for other commercial / industrial applications.