BIP Phones Desktop and Cordless - Canada

IP Phones and Accessories® carries a variety of IP and VoIP (Voice-over-ip) phones and IP-PBX Phone Systems for business. If you're looking for Desk, Cordless or Boardroom Conference IP Phones, we have the right network solution for every type of business!

Our IP Desktop and Cordless phones are all designed to work with our Grandstream UCM / IP-PBX Phone systems.

These business class phones can easily be configured through their network web interface, or by using the UCM's Zero-Config features built into the main PBX Phone System models.

Our phones come in several flavors, depending on your business needs and work volume of calls:

Model types available:
  • High End IP Phones - Use for most business applications, including: reception, executive, remote or office workers, call centers and general users requiring more advanced programmable feature sets.
  • Mid-Range IP TelePhones - Designed general office calling and telecommunication use - including general works, desk or wall mounted phones, common areas and general purpose calling where minimal to medium programmable features are needed.
  • Basic IP TelePhones - For basic users and desk or office workers where minimal or low feature option sets are required.
  • Cordless / Wireless IP Phones - For wireless mobility around the business office or home office, and for workers on the move who need freedom to move around.
  • Boardroom and Conferencing - Designed for use on the tabletop in boardrooms where regular conference calling happens!

Some of our more advanced models also allow for corded headset expansion and module expansion for displaying more information to the user - IE: Receptionist or Executives who need a quick overview of all users and lines in use on the system.

Contact® today and we can help you in choosing the right solution for your businesses needs!