FortiVoice FVC-70D4 PBX VoIP Phone System

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FortiVoice FVC-70 / FVC-70D4 - Complete with 4 analog (FXO / POTS) line capacity and up to 70 internal and external extensions - this model can handle all your telecommunication needs!

With the FortiVoice FVC-70D4 remote workers can access the system using FortiFON IP desk or cordless phones, just as if they are in the office. Remote locations and multi-location offices can also be linked using VoIP (Voice Over IP) to reduce long distance telephone costs. If you have a multi location business - networking them together is easy and provides low cost telecommunications!

Short Specifications:
Analog Port Line Capacity 4
VoIP Trunk Line Capacity 8
Extension Capacity 70 IP (2 may be analog)
Total Record Time 360 hours*
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*Total record time is combined: personal / general voice mail, auto admin recordings, recorded announcements, live call recording, etc.

The biggest benefit of using one of these phone systems is the over-all value. Saving on long distance, using VoIP phone line service can simply eliminate traditional FXO / POTS line expenses. Because these systems are packed with PBX and Voice-over-IP features - you can sound like a big business and not have the expense of paying extra on your phone bill for features you already have in place on this small business system.

Don't forget,® can make your installation quick and easy with our Pre-Configuration service. Just plug and play once your phone system arrives. Click on the blue button above to find out more details.

Additional Specifications:
Model / Series FVC-70D4 / D-Series
Total internal / external IP extension capacity 70
T1 / E1 Ports available 0
PRI numbers / (DIDs) 0
Remote extension capacity 35
Concurrent calls 12
Auto attendant capacity 20
Dimensions: inches / mm 1.8" x 8.5" x 8.6" / 44 x 216 x 219
Codecs supported G.711 μ-law/A-law, G.729a
Fax tone detection Yes
FortiCare Contract Hardware / Support options Hardware plus 1 year 8x5 - FC-10-T0071-311-02-DD
Hardware plus 1 year 24x7 - FC-10-T0071-247-02-DD
System soft features
  • Auto attendants
  • Voicemail
  • Remote extensions
  • Dial-by-name directory
  • Voicemail to e-mail
  • Cell/pager/e-mail message notification
  • Multiple music on hold
  • Call cascade
  • Extension groups
  • Uniform call distribution
  • Call queue
  • User privileges
  • User Extension Hot-desking
  • Caller-ID-based routing
  • Call detail record logging
  • Line appearance (with FortiFone IP phones)
  • Multilingual prompts
  • Call forward
  • Auto fax detection
  • Call conference/bridge
  • Call bridge
  • Mode scheduling
  • Call hold/transfer/park/pickup
  • Call screening
  • Intercom
  • Scheduled backup
  • Distinctive ring
  • Remote management
  • Paging to select phones
  • Click-to-dial from Outlook
  • System speed dials
  • Automatic hot-line calling
  • e911 notifications
  • Emergency zones
  • User portal
  • High Availability
  • Multi-location fail-over
  • Voicemail broadcast
  • Auxiliary extensions