HSM Cutline Rotary Trimmers - Canada

HSM Rotary Trimmers

HSM offers a select line of Rotary Trimmers designed for safety and precision. HSM Trimmers fits task oriented cutting including home office, arts and crafts, and professional equipment use.

These rotary trimmers provide users with a a high level of user safety due to patented designs. Depending on the model, HSM rotary trimmers feature the following functions:

  • Ground, self-sharpening roller blade
  • Sturdy blade bearing enables precise cutting
  • Automatic, integrated contact pressure system at the cutting edge
  • Cutting of paper in both directions
  • Torsion-resistant due to the special shape of the base plate

Available models are the HSM T3310 and the HSM T4610.

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HSM Cutline T-Series T3310 Rotary Trimmer - Cuts 10 Sheets - 12.99" Cutting Length - Metal Plate, Steel Blade - Gray, Red, White.

Automatic contact pressure of the material when cutting.

Optimal handling through smooth-running, ergonomically shaped cutting head.

Self-sharpening round blade for permanently precise results.

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HSM Cutline T-Series T4610 Rotary Trimmer - Cuts 10 Sheet - 18.11" Cutting Length - Steel Blade, Metal Base - Gray, Red, White.

The HSM Cutline T4610 is a robust and handy rotary trimmer for formats up to DIN A3.

Cuts up to 10 sheets of paper in one pass.

Precise and easy-to-make cuts delight professional users.