Dahle 40104 Professional Small Office Shredder Strip Cut

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The Dahle 40104 is a desk side strip cut paper shredder designed for use in a small office or home office. This professional Dahle shredder model is compact enough to fit beside or under the desk with-in arms reach for 1 to 3 users.

The Dahle 40104 paper shredder is a durable and long lasting model designed for performance.

Short Specifications:
Security Level 2 / P-2
Feed width 8 3/4"
Sheet Capacity (20 lb / 16 lb) 12 / 15
Waste volume 8 Gallon
Model 40104
Feed Width 8 3/4"
Sheet Capacity (20lb / 16 lb) 12 / 15
Security type Level 2 / P-2
Shred Type / Size (inch / mm) Strip Cut: 1/8" / 3 mm
Page Duty Cycle (per day) up to 100
Motor / Speed 1/2 Hp - 22 ft./min.
Dimensions 24 3/4" x 17" x 13 5/8"
Waste volume 8 Gal.
Media accepted Paper, staples, paper clips, credit cards
Automatic features Auto On/Off, Bag Full, Reverse
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Like all Dahle shredders, it solid construction and ease of use will provide years of worry free strip cut shredding.

With it, you can shred single sheets or stapled sets quickly, as well as multimedia plastic media such as smart cards, credit cards and debit cards.

All new professional models include standard energy efficient features - Smart Power technology: powers down the shredder for sleep mode after 10 minutes, and automatic shut off when not in use.

This strip cut model provides superior performance and reliability. You can expect to have this shredder for years - not months - unlike many other store brand models on the market. The solid wood cabinet is laminated for easy cleaning and durability. The motor assembly is mounted on rubber shock mounts to ensure quiet operation.

This equipment is perfect for personal home office and small office use for destroying bank statements, credit applications, and financial statements or records.

Main Features:
  • Command Control Center - for ease of use and feedback of shredder operation - includes bag full and overload indicators.
  • Precision milled solid cutting cylinders - for long cutting head life.
  • SmartPower Energy Management - Energy Efficient Sleep mode and shut down stages.
  • Rubber Shock Mounted - for quiet operation.
  • Chain driven motor/cutting assembly - less parts, stronger drive assembly for long life operation.
  • Wood laminated Cabinet - for durability and easy cleaning in high traffic use.
  • 8 3/4" feed throat opening - for common sized legal and letter day to day paper media.
  • Automatic on / off sensor in feed opening - for automatic media insertion operation.
  • Also includes a continuous run setting for ease of use when doing bulk shredding tasks.