Dahle OEM Brand Shredder Oil - Canada

Dahle - Paper Shredder Oil Lubrication

Formulated for Dahle shredders, OEM manufacturer oil offers high cleaning value and low dust retention.

Using Dahle approved shredder oil ensures your shredder is maintained in top performance and extends the life of your shredder.

Dahle #20740 / 20721 (740) and Dahle #20741 / 20722 (740G) oil is for use in all Dahle Shredders.

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All models of the Dahle CleanTEC use the same 20710 replacement filter. This clean air filter fits into the back of the Dahle CleanTEC shredder models and helps reduce up to 98% of fine dust particles.

On filter fits all models in the Dahle CleanTEC line of shredders. It is recommended to change the filter regularly to reduce fine dust allergens and keep your shredder running in top condition. This product is also fully recyclable.

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Dahle 20740 (or, 740) shredder oil - 355 ml (12 oz.) bottles, 6 per case. Specially formulated for lubricating, cleaning and removing debris from your shredder cutting cylinders under normal use.

Maintains the life of your shredder, genuine manufacturer supplies.

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Dahle 20741 (Or, 740G) Shredder Oil - 3.78 Litre (1 Gal.) Bottles, 4 per case. Specially formulated for use in all manufacturer models, whether refilling smaller bottles or using in bulk, department or high capacity shredders.

Properly cleans and removes paper debris. Lubricates your shredder for longer life and durability.