Destroyit Deskside Shredders - Canada

Destroyit Desk Side Paper Shredders Ideal-MBM

A Destroyit desk side paper shredder puts effective data security right at your side. Specifically designed for small office use, these machines are more powerful and durable than the ones from office superstores.

All Desk side models have quiet motors, high sheet capacities, and a variety of electronic features for easy and safe operation. They are available in both strip-cut and cross-cut and will accept staples and paper clips, some allow for credit card shredding. These compact units fit neatly under or beside the desk for simple quiet work area operation.

Durable and reliable, unlike other store bought equipment, these fellows are designed to with-stand rigorous use day in and day out. Designed with solid steel cutting cylinders rather than just low grade cutting blades - the cutting performance is far superior to other brands. Backed by one of the best warranties in the business, you will appreciate the security and peace of mind over the life of your office equipment.

If you are looking to purchase 2 or more of these models for multiple employees in your office, please contact® for multi-unit pricing.