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Destroyit Shredders - by Ideal-MBM

Destroyit Paper Shredders, by Ideal-MBM, provide proven efficiency and performance for commercial business where you need a reliable document destruction.

Destroyit shredders are specifically designed to meet the day to day demands of a busy office and out-perform store bought counterparts. They are commercial shredders with business needs built in and come with several standard features. There are several security levels, waste capacity sizes and optional formats available for every business class.

If you're unsure of which model will suit your needs - please contact® for assistance!

government canada shredders

Destroyit Government (RCMP) Approved Shredders

High Security MC (MicroCut) and SMC (Super MicroCut) Shredders for use in Canada Government offices where Secret, Top Secret and Bulk media destruction requires RCMP test, approved and rated document destruction standards.
  • Up to 8,000+ sheets per day.
  • High security RCMP ratings.
  • Small to large offices.
desk side shredder

Destroyit Desk Side Shredders

Where small area and under or beside the desk document and media destruction is needed. Designed for small footprint and low volume use.

  • Up to 400 sheets per day.
  • 1 to 3 users.
  • Home and small office use.
  • Cross and Strip cut available.
small office shredder

Office - Small Office Models

Designed for small to medium document destruction use where low to mid volume shredding is required. Can also be for personal use.

  • From 100 to 500 sheets per day.
  • 3 to 5 user work groups.
  • Low to high security needs.
  • Strip and Cross Cut available.
central office shredders

Central Office / Department

For departments and small to medium work groups where shared equipment is used by multiple people. Designed for higher volume and with larger capacity waste storage.
  • 1,000 to 8,000+ sheets per day.
  • Models for 5 to 30 users.
  • Low, mid and high security shredding.
high capacity

Large Capacity / High Volume Shredders

When large volume and high waste capacity is a concern - these industrial or commercial models fit the task. Special power requirements may be needed..
  • Over 8,000+ sheets per day.
  • Utility or industrial room installation.
  • Mid to High Security shredding.
destroyit multimedia destruction

Destroyit MultiMedia - Destruction: CD / DVD / Data Disks

Not just for paper, but several models handle CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray Disks, Smart Cards, and credit cards...
  • 100 to 8,000 sheets per day.
  • Small to large volumes.
  • Low to high security.
destroyit shredder oil

Destroyit Supplies

Use genuine Dahle Supplies to maintain performance and easy emptying of waste disposal cabinet: