CD Shredder® carries a wide assortment of commercial optical media CD shredders for destroying multimedia and disks. Our commercial business grade models can quickly render any multimedia disk into thousands of small particles which cannot be reassembled. Once destroyed - data cannot be recovered.

These office machines are the safest and most reliable way to destroy CD and disks. All the models we carry on this page can handle paper and credit cards or smart cards as well - hence the term "Multimedia". There are two types of shred formats available:

  • Strip Cut (secure and very fast destruction of large volumes of data disks)
  • Cross Cut (even more secure, most models we carry can destroy disks very quickly. But, Cross Cut is a slower method when compared to Strip Cut).

This page lists all our currently available optical media destruction models for the brand names Dahle and Destroyit in the commercial grade industrial sector.

Destroyit 2270cc Cross Cut MultiMedia+ Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
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Destroyit 2604cc Central Office Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
2604cc Type IIIA Level 4

Dahle 41422 - Government Approved Shredder - MultiMedia - Type IIIA

41422 - Type IIIA multimedia

Destroyit 3104cc Cross Cut MultiMedia Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM

Destroyit 3105cc Cross Cut High Volume MultiMedia Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM

Dahle 41514 - Paper Shredder CD DVD MultiMedia Capability


Dahle 41522 - Government Approved Shredder - MultiMedia - Type IIIA

41522 - Type IIIA multimedia

Destroyit 3804cc Cross Cut Large Office Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM

Destroyit 4002cc Cross Cut Government Approved Media Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
4002cc - Type IIIB Level 3

Dahle 41622 - Government Approved Shredders - CD / DVD MultiMedia - Type IIIA

41622 - Type IIIA multimedia

Destroyit 4005cc Cross Cut Shredder Government Approved*

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
4005cc - Type IIIA Level 4

Destroyit 4605cc Cross Cut High Volume Shredder

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM

Destroyit 4107cc Cross Cut Government Approved Shredder Type IIIB

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
4107cc - Type IIIB Level 3
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