Strip Cut Shredders

Strip cut shredders are also known as a straight cut, slice cut, or spaghetti shredders. They shred paper and documents into long narrow strips anywhere between 1/8" to 1/2" (3 mm to 12 mm) wide waste depending on the brand, type and model of the equipment.

Strip cut shredders are generally used for higher volume, and lower security destruction requirement, this type of document destruction format is good for a variety of needs.

Generally they can handle higher volumes of material and can destroy documents faster because of the straight through process. They can be used in offices where security is not a major concern, and where a high volume of use is required.

The downside is this destruction format is not very secure as documents can be easily reassembled leading to identity theft and other forms of information security leaks or fraud. There is no "randomization of the waste material" in most models. The larger shred format also means the waste does not compress and you will need to empty the waste container compartment more frequently.® carries several models of small, medium and large volume strip cut paper shredders - Please contact us to determine the best equipment for your office needs!

Common types of Strip Cut Shred formats:

1/8" 3 mm strip cut shred
1/8" (3 mm) strip cut
1/4" (6 mm) shred strips
1/4" (6 mm) strip shred
1/2" (12 mm) paper strips
1/2" (12 mm) strips

To view Strip Cut paper shredder models by classification, please see: Dahle Shredders or Destroyit Shredders main pages.

Dahle 40206 Professional Office Shredder Strip Cut


The all new Dahle 40206 strip cut paper shredder is an excellent document destruction solution for small offices.

Destroyit 2270s Strip Cut Desk Side Shredder

Destroyit 2270s Strip Cut desk side model paper shredders put effective paper and multimedia shredding security right at your desk side.

Dahle 40104 Professional Small Office Shredder Strip Cut

Call for pricing and availability.

The Dahle 40104 is a desk side strip cut paper shredder designed for use in a small office or home office. This professional Dahle shredder model is compact enough to fit beside or under the desk with-in arms reach for 1 to 3 users.

Destroyit 2503sc Strip Cut Centralized Office Shredder

Destroyit 2503sc Strip Cut Shredders are Centralized Office shredders and are designed for low security, bulk destruction of paper, smart cards, credit / debit cards and Optical Media including CD's / DVD's / Blu-Ray disks.

Dahle 40306 Professional Small Office Shredder Strip Cut

With the Dahle 40306 Professional strip cut MultiMedia paper shredder. You can quickly destroy bulk sheets and stapled documents with ease as well as CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray and other optical media data disks.

Dahle 40406 Professional Office Shredder Strip Cut

The Dahle 40406 is another new model in the Professional Series of office paper shredders. Designed for commercial business, this MultiMedia strip cut model can be used for bulk destruction.

Dahle 40506 Professional Small Department Shredder Strip Cut

The Dahle 40506 is a strip cut multimedia shredder for small department or work-group use. With an extra large waste cabinet at 38 Gal., it can be used in offices destroying up to 8,000 sheets per day.

Dahle 40606 Professional Department Shredder Strip Cut

The Dahle 40606 is a strip cut large department shredder with MultiMedia shredding capabilities. With a 16" wide feed throat, and extra large 45 Gal. waste volume cabinet.

Destroyit 4005sc Strip Cut High Capcity MultiMedia Shredder

This model is a heavy-duty Destroyit 4005sc Strip Cut MultiMedia Shredder is a Centralized Office paper shredders. A high-volume machine specifically designed to shred large amounts of paper and multimedia disks.

Dahle 20390 - High Volume Large Capacity Paper Shredder - Strip Cut

The Dahle 20390 strip cut paper shredder is an IT multimedia shredder which is excellent for offices with 50+ people.

Dahle 20452 - High Volume Large Capacity Paper Shredder - Strip Cut

The industrial Dahle 20452 Strip Cut Shredder model is designed with safety and efficiency in mind. The operator must insert a key in order to operate this commercial equipment, and the hopper style feed throat allows for bulk printed matter to be fed into the equipment quickly.

Destroyit 4107sc Strip Cut High Capacity Shredder

The Destroyit 4107sc's High Capacity Volume Strip Cut Shredders are multimedia capable, heavy-duty, high-volume machines specifically designed to shred large volumes of material daily. This model comes in 3 shred size formats.