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HSM Cardboard Converters

Save your business costs on packaging material by converting used cardboard to usable packing material with an HSM Cardboard converter.

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Single CarDboard Layer
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HSM ProfiPack C400 Single-Layer Cardboard Converter - Single Cardboard Layer
  • Hardened cutting rollers for ripping through 1 layer of tough cardboard while conveniently resting on your tabletop.
  • Specially shaped cutting rollers guarantee even, optimum padding of the material.
  • Continuous Duty Operation ensures continual shredding with no down time.
  • Adjustment scale guide for width alignment of cardboard material.
  • Powerful drive ensures reliable operation under a constant load.
3 Per Pass
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HSM ProfiPack 425 Cardboard Converter - 3 Per Pass
  • Hardened cutting rollers for ripping through 2-3 layers of tough cardboard.
  • Specially shaped cutting rollers represent a long service life and guarantee that the material is evenly padded...