Cross Cut Shredders

A cross cut shredder is also known as a confetti paper shredder.

The shredding process involves cutting paper length-wise and sideways all in the same pass. Cross Cut shredding format results in smaller particles, depending on the model of equipment.

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Various Cross Cut Shredder waste format samples

type II level 6 top secret shred

Type II / Level 6
Top Secret

type II level 5 secret shredding     Type II / Level 5 Secret Shredding
type IIIA level 4 confidential

Type IIIA / Level 4

type IIIB level 4 bulk

Type IIIB / Level 3
Bulk / Media

CD DVD Blueray disintigration

CD / DVD / Blueray

Canada RCMP Government Approved Shredders

Canada Approved