Sherpa Desk - Extension Module - Durable Catalog Rack Reference System - 5698-10 or 5698-00

durable 5698
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durable sherpa reference system catalog racksExpand the 5542 Durable SHERPA Desk Reference System in 10-panel increments as needed with the 5698 Extension Set.

The 5698 does not include legs and is not a stand-alone system (see model 5542-10 or 5542-00 for base unit stand).

It comes with a panel holder, 10 heavy gauge polypropylene panel sleeves (20 viewing sides) with reinforced borders, 10 snap-on tabs, and a module which extends the base of the desk stand.

Available in optional: gray panel borders or assorted color panel borders (2 panels each red, blue, green, yellow and black)...