Dahle 41322 - Government Approved Shredder - Type IIIA - Cross Cut

41322 - Type IIIA Level 4
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The Dahle 41322 CleanTEC paper shredder is a government approved small office model with Type IIIA (Protected B, Confidential) cross cut security shred format.

canada government approved paper shredderCanada Government Approved

This model has been RCMP tested and approved for Canadian document destruction standards. It is also listed in the SEG (Security Equipment Guide) for Canada.

Short Specifications:
Security canada government approved paper shredder Type IIIA / Level 4 / P-5 (Protected B, Confidential)
Feed width 10 1/2"
Sheet Capacity (20 lb / 16 lb) 7 / 9
Waste volume 23 Gallon
Model 41322
Feed Width 10 1/2"
Sheet Capacity (20 lb / 16 lb) 7 / 9
Security type Type IIIA / Level 4 / P-5 (Protected B, Confidential)
Shred Type / Size (inch / mm) Cross Cut: 1/12" x 9/16" / 2 mm x 15 mm
Page Duty Cycle (per day) 400 to 800
Motor / Speed 1/2 Hp - 20 ft./min.
Dimensions 36 3/4" x 21 1/2" x 17 1/2"
Waste volume 23 Gal.
Media accepted Paper, staples, paper clips, credit cards / smart cards
Automatic features Auto On/Off, Bag Full, Reverse
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The 41322 CleanTEC Dahle shredders model includes the new Air Filtration System which keeps fine particles from shredding out of the office environment. Built with the same solid wood cabinet, durable materials, and vibration mounted motor for quiet operation - you can depend on this shredder lasting worry free for years to come.

*Note: All CleanTEC units with the EvenFlow automatic oiler symbol above requires only the Specified Dahle Shredder Oil to be used.

This government approved shredder is also backed by OREweb.ca with Dahle's full comprehensive 1 year warranty, and lifetime warranty on the cutting cylinders. It is recommended to use only certified shredding oil designed for this shredder as it properly cleans and removes debris as the machine works. Using improper oil in any commercial model like these can cause particles to stick to the cylinders and jam the shredder up over time.

Main Features:
  • Easy to use command controls with feed insert feedback
  • Safety Protection System
  • CleanTEC Fine Dust Air Filtration System
  • EvenFlow Automatic Oiling System
  • Electronic Sensing Protection
  • Smart Power Energy Efficient Management System with auto-sleep
  • Solid Wood Cabinet
  • Castor mounted
  • Automatic door open sensor
  • Easy slide out waste bag hanger tray
  • Long lasting Solingen steel cutting cylinders

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