Desk Side Shredders - Dahle

Shredding at the desk side has never been this easy. Small compact for beside or under the desk Dahle shredders for light duty paper destruction!

Dahle’s smallest line of desk side shredders are designed for shredding up to 200 sheets of paper per day and are perfect for destroying bank statements, credit applications or financial records. These shredders can be conveniently placed at arms length so you never have to leave your desk to properly dispose of confidential documents.

Dahle Personal Shredders feature Automatic On/Off operation that uses an electronic sensor to turn the machine on. All you have to do is position your document in the feed opening and the shredder will take care of the rest.

Current models available are the Dahle 40104 Strip Cut and the Dahle 40114 Cross Cut.

Dahle 40104 Professional Small Office Shredder Strip Cut

Delivery time:3-5 Days

Dahle 40114 Professional Desk Side Paper Shredder Cross Cut

Delivery time:3-5 Days