Ideal-MBM Folding Machines - Canada

Paper Folding Machines - Ideal-MBM

Ideal - MBM friction and air suction feed Paper Folding Machines offer the ultimate in speed, precision and ease of use for office folding tasks.

Ideal MBM professional series Paper Folding Machines stand up to the rigors of quick print, copy shops, in-plants and digital printing environments. Excellent for folding letters, documents, paper and print production runs.

The Ideal-MBM paper folding machine models available, for different volumes, types and formats of folds.

These friction feed and air fed units will handle multiple fold types, including custom folds:
letter paper tri-fold style
Tri / Letter
double parallel fold style
Parallel Fold
gate fold style
half fold
standard z fold letter
custom paper folding machine

Models are available in manual and automatic programmable tabletop. They are ideal for use in small offices, mail rooms, printing departments and other corporate environments where print production need to be processed in low, medium and high volumes.

208J Friction Feed Paper Folder Machine

408A Automatic Letter Paper Folder - Ideal-MBM

352F Friction Feed Paper Folder - Ideal-MBM

508A Automatic Letter Paper Folder - Ideal-MBM

1800S Air Feed Production Folding Machine - Ideal-MBM

*Sheet Feed Capacity may vary due to paper weight/variations. All prices are subject to change with-out notice.