Home Office Shredder

Whether you need a basic home paper shredder or home office shredder, OREweb.ca® has a small easy to use personal model for you!

With increased statistics for identity theft in Canada, and the amount of mail, junk mail and office paperwork we receive - adding a small cross cut or strip cut shredder to your day-to-day electronic appliances has become an important part of house-hold document disposal.

Obviously you'll want the best value for your money.

And that's why we created a list of small office and personal paper shredders you can use in the home...

These models are better than their store bought counterparts in that they're built for longevity and business use. They can with-stand more punishment than an ordinary store bought model. The major difference in that these machines use a solid Solingen Steel cutting cylinder cutting head instead of blade systems for cross cut or strip cut formats. This equipment can last for 20 years or more and some models have lifetime warranty on the cutting heads. You may never buy another paper shredder again!

Several of these also do multi-media optical disk destruction including: CD's (Compact Disks), DVD's, (Digital Video Disk) and Blue-Ray, smart credit cards and debit cards.

For more information on why you should shred your data disks - see this page. If you're recycling and concerned about protecting yourself from identity theft - you need a basic small home office shredder.

It's now the one simple appliance you can't do without in the home to destroy your personal information and keep your data secure before disposing of it.

*All prices are subject to change with-out notice.