Optical Media Shredder

When data destruction is a concern, OREweb.ca® carries a wide assortment of cross cut Optical Media Shredder models for destroying your CD's (Compact Disks), DVD's (Digital Video Disks), Blue-Ray data. All our models have multiple capabilities and can also shred paper and credit cards in most cases.

With our business grade office equipment you can quickly render optical disks into thousands of highly randomized particles so the data cannot be recovered. This prevents unauthorized use of sensitive information and ensures your information is secured for disposal.

Simply formatting or digitally wiping disks can still leave traces of information which can be recovered. And when formatting CD-ROM and DVD-ROM disks - only the un-used portion of data is wiped. Information which has already been written to the drive still remains in tact.

Complete decompiling of the physical hard media itself is the ideal solution.

We carry several different brands including Destroyit Ideal shredders and Dahle for destroying optical disks. Listed below are several lines from home office to large corporate or Government Approved (RCMP rated) for physical property destruction. The cutting cylinders are made from solid Solingen Steel so they outlast and out perform other broad market shredders.

These are just some of the models we carry, please use the top menu to view our complete line-up.

With the increase in identity theft, ensuring full and complete destruction of the data on your disks on site is the best practice when disposing of CD',s DVD's, and Blue-Ray data with personal and sensitive information on the media.