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Need a small office shredder? Destroyit brands are tough, long lasting and high performance shredders!

Small home offices or home base business can rely Destroyit shredders to out-perform store bought counterparts. These compact and light-weight small office equipment are built to exacting standards.

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Multimedia - Cross Cut
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The Destroyit 2270cc is a cross cut multimedia and paper shredder which can be used under or at desk side. There are two insert slots, one for paper on for multimedia data disks like CD's or DVD's.

This model is ideal for the small home office. There are two separate collection bins - one for paper one for shredded disks, and can easily be emptied by removing the head unit. The front waste bin window allows you to see when it's time to empty the main bin.

Short Specifications:
Security Level 3 / P-4
Feed width 8 3/4"
Sheet capacity 5
Waste size 5 gallon

Destroyit 2360 SMC Government Approved Shredder - Type II Level 6

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
2360SMC - Type II Level 6
Canada Government Approved Shredder
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The Destroyit 2360 SMC (Super Micro Cut / Cross Cut) is a Government Approved Shredder with a Type II / Level 6 security shred rating. This model exceeds the RCMP Secret / Top Secret requirements rating in shred size.

The Destroyit 2360SMC also includes the SPS (Safety Protection System) and ESM (Energy Savings Mode) which is now standard on Ideal-MBM models.

Short Specifications:
Security canada government approved paper shredderRCMP - Type II / Level 6 (Protected C, Secret / Top Secret) - P-7
Feed width 9 1/2"
Sheet capacity 5
Waste size 13 gallon
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The Destroyit 2465cc is a larger capacity desk side office paper shredder with credit card / smart card destruction capabilities.

This Destroyit 2465cc shredder includes features such as: SPS™ – (Safety Protection System) package: patented, electronically controlled, transparent safety flap in the feed opening as additional safety element; EASY- SWITCH – intelligent control element indicating the operational status of the shredder with varying color codes and back-lit symbols; automatic reverse and power cut-off (avoids paper jams); and more...

Short Specifications:
Security Level 3 / P-4 Level 4 / P-5
Feed width 9 1/2" Same
Sheet capacity  (8 1/2" x 11" 20 lb. bond / 16 lb. bond*) 13 / 15* 9 / 11*
Waste size 9 gallon Same