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Expand certain models of Grandstream IP Phones with these extension modules for more LED/Speed dials and BLF (Busy Lamp Forwarding) indicators. Replacement handsets for the GXP21xx series phones are also available here.

The Grandstream GXP2200EXT extension modules allows you to expand functionality on certain IP Phone models.

Design for receptionists, call centers, and executives who need to see what's going on in their office at a quick glance. These extension modules are easy to install / set-up and can be provisioned directly through the phone's web interface, or by using the Zero-Config provisioning through Grandstream's IP-PBX phone systems.

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The GXP2200EXT is an expansion module for use with select Grandstream IP phones. Add up to four extra modules to expand line / (BLF-Busy Lamp Forwarding) extension appearance.

With the Grandstream GXP2200 EXT, you can added functionality and expansion to select models of IP Phones from Grandstream. The 128 x 384 backlit LCD displays information from the configuration obtained from any UCM / IP-PBX phone system the main phone is configured from, or through the phone web interface. No labels need to be printed.

Short Specifications:
Configurable buttons -20 per page (each module contains 2 pages, for up to 40 lines per module
-Up to 160 with 4 daisy-chained modules
Supported IP Phone Models GXP2140, GXP2170 and GXV3240
Supported Features BLF, Call transfer, call forward, call queue, phone book / speed dial, intercom, line appearance, call park/call pick-up, presence watcher
Power Powered by host phone
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