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Business Phone Systems - IP/PBX

Full featured phone system for Small Business at an affordable Price?

With our Phone Systems you can use standard VoIP & analog telephones, IP network phones, fax machines, mobile/cellular app and off-site remote phones with-in your telephone network.® has a wide installation base right across Canada! Call us - and ask us how we can help you choose a business phone system today!

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Grandstream UCM6202 - IP-PBX Phone System


Grandstream UCM6204 - IP-PBX Phone System


Grandstream UCM6208 - IP-PBX Phone System

Grandstream UCM6510 - IP-PBX Phone System E1/T1/J1

Dedicated Support Services

Along with® IP-PBX Professional Configuration services, we also offer other dedicated solutions...

Dedicated Personal Support

Your phone system comes with 3 months free remote support.

We also offer paid yearly remote support - dedicated and personal when you need it. Just call in and we're ready to help!

Managed IP-PBX Services

Want to focus on what you do best?

Leave the management of your phone system to us! Our Managed IP-PBX Services** allow us to manage, update and maintain your new phone system remotely for you!

VoIP Trunk / Line Service

Need a low cost VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone line service?

We can help - we'll soon be offering VoIP line services!