Triumph 1071 Heavy Duty Large Format Cutter

Triumph - Ideal-MBM
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The Kutrimmer 1071 Paper Cutter is a large format trimmer model for commercial or business use. This office equipment is designed for light weight to heavy duty applications.

Designed to be used on the table top, large desk or work bench, this unit delivers easy leverage when cutting stacks of up to 40 sheets of paper or other material. And it's not just limited to stock print matter!

Short Specifications:
Model # 1071
Sheet Capacity (20 lb. / 16 lb.) 32 / 40*
Cut Length 28 1/2"

Other uses for this trimmer model include industries like Aerospace, engineering / drafting firms, marketing & advertising departments. Trimming paper, foam and other packaging matter, vinyl, clothing materials, thin metal stock, and other matter can be done on these models.

You can expect nothing but the best when it comes to the line Kutrimmer models. And with performance office equipment like this, larger tasks will become easier and more productive with a cutting solution like this.

Full Specifications:
Cut Length (inches / cm) 28 1/2" / 72.39 cm
Sheet Capacity (20 lb / 16 lb) 32 / 40*
Dimensions (inches / cm) 38 1/2" x 22 1/4" x 20 1/2" / 97.79 x 56.52 x 52.07 cm
Guides, Measures, imprinted trim markings Inches, centimeters / millimeters, squared template
Verified cutting materials* paper, aluminum foil, cardboard, card stock, mat board^, construction paper, illustration board, label stock, laminating film, photo paper, photographic film, plastic films, vellum, specialty papers, cellophane
Design / Construction Metal baseplate, solingen steel blade
Cut Type Guillotine / lever style
Clamp Automatic
Accessories included Quick release back stop, cut side catch tray / paper support with measure guide, all metal design, Lexan® safety shield, narrow strip cut indicator, fine tuning adjustment knob
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Although we do recommend contacting us to send in samples other than paper for testing prior to purchasing.® can confirm testing results on any items you would like prior to purchasing.

Main Features:
  • All-metal construction
  • Non-skid rubber feet for safe operation
  • Solingen steel blade set may be resharpened
  • Transparent Lexan® safety guard
  • Adjustable back gauge
  • Front gauge is adjustable using a calibrated rotary knob with fine adjustment scale, lockable in every position
  • Standard paper sizes indicated on table
  • Narrow-strip cutting device
  • Solid hand clamp, independent of blade handle
  • Precision side guides scaled in inches and metric system
  • Fold-away paper supports on front gauge allow precise cutting of lightweight paper stocks
  • Solid cast aluminum blade mounting bracket with double pivot bearings for blade axle

(*All performance data has been established using #16 bond paper (8-1/2" x 11"), 20# is "estimated" based on actual testing, manufacturer results apply. Different paper grades and qualities may yield different results. All manufacturer technical data is subject to change with-out notice.)

^Maximum Mat Board Spec's: 4-ply, .052"–.060" (1.3 to 1.5 mm) thick.