Triumph heavy duty cutters and trimmers - Canada

Triumph Paper Cutters Heavy Duty

Triumph heavy duty paper cutters and trimmers by Ideal-MBM are built to exacting standards for easy cutting and long life.

Ideal-MBM uses solid, all-metal construction and the highest-grade Solingen steel blades.

Advanced features such as transparent Lexan blade guards and automatic blade covers ensure the safety of the operator.

These models are available in table top, table/floor models and large format rotary formats.

heavy duty paper cutters guillotines

Heavy Duty Tabletop Guillotine Paper Cutters

Kutrimmer® heavy duty guillotine paper cutters are synonymous in the print industry - they are used in print and graphics shops all over the world. These cutters are built to exacting tolerances providing a perfect paper cut every time.

heavy duty paper cutters table floor models

Heavy Duty Table / Floor Model Paper Cutters

Kutrimmer heavy duty table model cutters are designed to with-stand the rigors of day to day use. When you need a larger cut work area, you can also count on the same cutting precision as on smaller tabletop models.

heavy duty rotary paper trimmers

Heavy Duty Rotary (Rolling) Paper Trimmers

Wide or long format paper cutting can be an exact science. These heavy duty rotary trimmers provide one of the longest cutting lengths in a manual cutter in the industry with up to 61".

*For all paper trimmer and cutters - cutting stats may vary slightly depending on paper weight/variations.