Paper Folding Machine Maintenance

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Maintaining your paper folder is an easy process. Simple cleaning and removal of paper debris and wiping down of the feed wheels can extend the useful life of your folding machine.

The use of Static Spray is highly recommended on some, but not all folders. Check with your® representative to confirm which units require the use of Static Spray. Most folders® now carries have anti-static brushes already built into them...

Cleaning - Be sure to unplug your machine before doing any cleaning or maintenance.

A general cleaning and removal of debris can be done with a damp cloth, vacuum and a can of pressurized air. Ensure feed areas and fold plates are inspected and cleaned regularly.

Cleaning the feed wheel (top rubber feed wheel on the paper feed-in tray) should be cleaned regularly as toner and ink can build up from printed material. Use a damp soapy sponge (do not over saturate with water/soap) while manually turning the rubber feed wheel to remove build up. Let the unit dry completely before plugging it in or doing any folding jobs. Although this can extend the life of the feed wheel, most paper folding models will need to have the feed wheel and feed pressure pad replaced depending on the machine and volume of fold you do. Feed wheels and pressure feed pads are "regular wear items" and are not covered under warranty since folding volume, paper stock, and user maintenance of the machine can affect the life of the parts.

Static Spray

Static Spray should be used on some machines - as paper is folded in higher volume runs, static can build up on exiting folding sheets. Folded pages can stick together and cause mis-folding or jams over the period of the folding job.

Static Spray eliminates the static and reduces pages sticking together. On models with anti-static brushes built in, static spray is not required. However, the anti-static brushes may need to be replaced when static starts to become an issue in such models. 

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