Office Equipment Maintenance® recommends the following regular maintenance procedures and practices for all of the listed office equipment on this page.

It is also recommended, as part of your office equipment maintenance routine, to use only the recommended maintenance supplies and consumables.

These supplies are specifically designed for your office equipment, and other third party supplies to not meet the manufacturer's specifications. In some cases, using the wrong consumable can damage your machine, and void the warranty.

Paper Folding Machine Maintenance

Maintaining your paper folder is an easy process. Simple cleaning and removal of paper debris and wiping down of the feed wheels can extend the useful life of your folding machine.

The use of Static Spray is highly recommended on some, but not all folders. Check with your® representative to confirm which units require the use of Static Spray. Most folders® now carries have anti-static brushes already built into them...

Paper Cutter and Trimmer Maintenance

Paper cutter and trimmer maintenance is simple. A regular wipe down using soap and water of the work area table should be done regularly.

Cleaning the blade should be done using a light cleaning solution only. On guillotine or lever style paper cutters and trimmers, the use of Trim Ease may be necessary...

Paper Shredder Maintenance

Maintaining your paper shredder for its useful life is as easy as cleaning and oiling the shredder regularly.

The use of the proper approved manufacturer shredding oil cleans and lubricates the internal cylinders, to ensure top performance. The use of store bought or improper oil can damage your shredder as it does not properly clean or lubricate internal components...