Paper Cutter and Trimmer Maintenance

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Paper cutter and trimmer maintenance is simple. A regular wipe down using soap and water of the work area table should be done regularly.

Cleaning the blade should be done using a light cleaning solution only. On guillotine or lever style paper cutters and trimmers, the use of Trim Ease may be necessary...

Trim ease conditions and lubricates the blade for faster easier cutting on all guillotine or lever style models. It also extends the life of the blade reducing the need for frequent sharpening. Trim ease is not required for rotary or rolling models.

Blade sharpening should never be done by hand on our commercial paper cutters and trimmers. The blade should be removed and taken to a professional sharpener in your area. The blades require a sharpening at a specific angle, using a specific type of sharpening stone. Your professional sharpener will know how to properly sharpen these cutting blades.

Replacement cutting blades and other supplies are available directly through

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