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With our Managed PBX Remote Support Contract** - we take care of ALL the necessities for you!

We'll connect and update your phone system remotely when needed, and make admin / management changes as you need them done.



  • Remote Support* - included when needed.
  • Remote Management* - we do your admin and office staff / extension name changes for you, including "basic" auto-admin greetings! We also set-up/update new phones/extensions and ship when needed. Separate purchase of new phones is at current phone model market costs.
  • New systems do not include Managed Services up front if you require our Managed IP-PBX Services, this option must be purchased separately up front, including router/firewall set-up fees.

*Limited to three remote sessions/remote management changes per month, additional sessions at an additional charge. Unused remote support sessions can not be converted to following months or year if unused.  Some features are not covered under the remote support plans as they require extended set-up time and labor. Additional charges may apply.

NOTE: NETWORK OR ADDITIONAL NON-SYSTEM RELATED DIAGNOSTICS to resolve known network issues are at an added per hourly cost over and above base support plan pricing.

**Remote management and updates are done by an authorized technician. Your router, network and phone system must be set-up to allow for remote access to your phone system to use this service. For additional charge, we can do a remote session to set-up your router for this service if port forwarding has not already been set-up for your phone system, depending on your router make and model. Basic auto-admin recordings do not include music or professional marketing announcements - can be done at additional cost. Remote management is limited to 3 changes per month, additional changes are at regular hourly remote rates.

(1) Grandstream system users can now receive "tested and verified" HTTP automatic updates via®'s distributed update service. This VALUE ADDED service only applies to Grandstream UCM/IP-PBX main system users who have signed up for a paid plan.®'s Remote Support or Remote Support & Management is not part of, and not covered under any additional manufacturer contracts or policies - It is a separate service provided by us only. Extended repair, equipment replacement and extenuating software and hardware support issues are not covered under®'s plans - in certain cases, we will communicate what you will need to do to resolve certain support related issues, including communicating directly with the manufacturer if we are unable to resolve an issue.

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