Grandstream UCM6204 - IP-PBX Phone System

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The Grandstream UCM6204 - IP-PBX Phone System is an excellent telecommunications model for small business who need 4 line PSTN/FXO capacity. With all the same great built-in telephone system features as other models.

Designed for small business who are growing and need ample room to expand and upgrade as needs change.

Short Specifications:
Analog Port (PSTN/FXO) Line Capacity 4
VoIP SIP Trunk Line Capacity 50
Extension Capacity 500 IP Extensions + 2 Analog (FXS)
Concurrent Call Capacity 75
Upgrade Storage Memory (Optional) Fast PBX-NAND 128GB, adds 2,500 Hours record & system storage
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Grandstream UMC6204 IP-PBX Overview

This PBX model is designed for small business who are growing. You can expand using VoIP (Voice-Over-IP) telephone lines, as well as add an analog to VoIP gateway to expand analog telephone lines.

These systems include features such as: Auto-Attendants, Live Auto-Call Recording, CDR-Call Detail Records, Zero-Config (for Phone Extensions), Video Calling Capabilities, Automated System Back-ups, Fax to email, and much more!

Main Features of the Grandstream UMC6204

  • UCM6204 support up to 500 users and 45 concurrent calls.
  • Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints.
  • Integrated 4 PSTN trunk FXO ports, 2 analog telephone FXS ports with lifeline capability and up to 50 SIP trunk accounts.
  • Gigabit network ports with Integrates PoE, USB, SD card.
  • Supports up to a 5-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response).
  • Built-in call recordings server; recordings accessible via web user interface.
  • Built-in Call Detail Records (CDR) for tracking phone usage by line, date, etc.
  • Supports multi-language auto-attendant and call queue to efficiently handle incoming calls.
  • Strongest possible security protection using SRTP, TLS and HTTPS encyrption.
  • Supports GrandStream Integrated IP Phones + any SIP video endpoint that uses the H.264, H.263 or H.263+ codecs.

IP-PBX Grandstream UCM6204 System Options

Ample storage and expansion capabilities for growth, including: USB (Drive) and SD Card memory storage slots, expand analog lines using peered analog gateway device or VoIP SIP Trunks (up to 50 lines/accounts), scheduled back-ups to storage or offsite server, automated data file clean-up and maintenance functions.

Live call recording and internal statistics (CDR-Call Detail Records) and call center functions for busy offices needing call distribution options.

Internal Fax system for sending and receiving faxes with-out wasting paper or secondary fax machines.

Conference system and scheduling fucntions for automated email reminders to attendees.

Easy set-up and integration of end-points including regular Zero-Config desk phones, remote SIP phones and mobile devices - includes free mobile device app for workers on the move.

Manufacturer: Grandstream
Model: UCM6204
Analog / FXO Line Capacity: 4
SIP Trunk Capacity: 50
Concurrent Call Capacity: 45
IP Extension / User Capacity: 500
FXO Analog Extension Capacity: 2
Gigabit Network Ports: 1 WAN, 1 LAN + PoE Capable
Memory / Storage Expansion: USB + SD Card
IVR / Auto Admins: Up to 5 levels
Multi-Company Capable: Yes
Call Recording Server: Yes
CRD (Call Detail Records): Yes
Multi-Lanugage Support: Yes
Supports SIP Video: Yes, with SIP video capable end point devices
Security: Yes, SRTP, TLS and HTTPS encyrption
Call Queue / Call Center Functions: Yes

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