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Destroyit High Capacity Shredder - Ideal-MBM

A Destroyit high capacity shredder is the most secure and economical way of disposing sensitive documents for organizations with a need for high volume shredding, or who have an in-house destruction program. Using a shredding service adds needless legal risk exposure and expense. With one of these large shredder models, you can destroy documents, and other printed matter with-out having to worry about the risks.

When you turn over documents to an outside company for disposal, you are effectively relinquishing control of your document security program. The more hands your documents pass through, the greater the chance they will be viewed by others.

Depending on model, three-ring binders, VHS tapes, CD’s and even entire wastebasket contents can be fed into these powerful volume shredders in large quantities.

Available Destroyit - Ideal-MBM High Capacity Shredder Models are: 4107 and the 4605 - Available in Cross cut or Strip cut model.

Destroyit 4605cc Cross Cut High Volume Shredder is a high volume bulk MultiMedia shredder designed for destroying large volumes of paper - whether the material is flat, crumpled or not uniform.

This unit has one of the largest accepted sheet capacities 50 / 60 sheets (32 / 37 on alternate 4605cc high security model) in the industry. With a 7 1/3 horsepower motor it is also one of the most powerful shredders on the market today.

Short Specifications:
Security Level 3 / P-3 Level 4 / P-5
Feed width 18" Same
Sheet capacity 50 60
Waste size 61 gallon Same
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The Destroyit 4107sc's High Capacity Volume Strip Cut Shredders are multimedia capable, heavy-duty, high-volume machines specifically designed to shred large volumes of material daily. This model comes in 3 shred size formats.

The bulk shred format of these Destroyit models allows you to shred high volumes of multi and mixed media, including: Paper, staples, paper clips, smart cards, credit / debit cards, CD's / DVD's, Non-uniform / crumpled, matter, hard bound documents, *VHS tapes / Magnetic media.

Short Specifications:
Security Level 2 / P-2 Level 2 / P-2 Level 2 / P-2
Feed width 16" Same Same
Sheet capacity 120 105 75
Waste size 79 gallon Same Same

Destroyit 4107cc Cross Cut Government Approved Shredder Type IIIB

Destroyit - Ideal-MBM
4107cc - Type IIIB Level 3
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The Destroyit 4107cc Cross Cut is a High Capacity Volume shredder which is RCMP (Type IIIB / Level 3) Government Approved. Designed for heavy duty high-volume destruction of large amounts of printed matter and material daily.

canada government approved paper shredderCanada Government Approved

This model is front feed using a conveyor belt system designed for safety and fast work flow. High quality hardened steel cutting shafts allow for destruction of paper, printed matter, CD's / DVD's / Blu-Ray disks (Optical Media) and hard bound documents.

Short Specifications:
Security canada government approved paper shredderRCMP - Type IIIB / Level 3 (Protected B, Confidential)
Feed width 16"
Sheet capacity 65
Waste size 79 gallon