Paper Folding and Mailing Solutions - Canada

Mailing Solutions

Save time and money with paper folding and mailing solutions from®

Stop folding statements, invoices and other printed matter by hand by using a high speed paper folder.

Reduce mailing costs and eliminate envelopes with a pressure seal form machine which is a complete system that folds and seals your literature in one step process.

With mailing solutions from®, you can save time and effort and minimize handling of large volumes of outgoing mail. Folding paper by hand is a thing of the past with an office or desktop paper folding machine. They are simple and easy to use.

Our pressure seal form mailing solutions also eliminate having to use envelopes or folder stuffing machines since you simply print your forms - including: statements, invoices, print advertising or letters, etc. and then feed them into a pressure seal machine to seal them in a one step process. You can even print your Canada Post Indicia and addresses on any form / mailer to further help reduce mailing costs!

We currently offer the following equipment and supplies for your office and mail-room folding and paper processing needs:

We are adding more products in our mailing solutions and equipment category shortly. Please check back regularly for our new product lines!