Dahle 556s Professional - 37 1/2 Large Format Paper Trimmer

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Dahle 556s Large Format Professional Rolling Trimmer is a complete packaged unit which includes the floor stand. The trimmer itself sits on top of a full metal base stand, which includes a catch tray for waste material.

Dahle Professional Rotary / Rolling trimmers allow you to work in either direction to cut.

Short Specifications:
Model # 556S - Professional
Sheet Capacity (20 lb. / 16 lb.) 11 / 14*
Cut Length 37 1/2"
Optional Floor Stand Included

The sturdy engineering construction allows the unit and stand to be moved easily when needed, and allows access from all sides depending on your work area.

The Dahle 556S width span allows for up to 37 1/2" cutting length format from either pre-cut sheets, or paper rolls. Measuring ruler, standard straight and angular cut markings are also printed directly on the metal base work area. The paper guide can be quickly released and re-adjusted with one hand as you work.

The 556s is designed for use in engineering and architectural firms, city planning and government offices, graphics design and print houses, or anywhere else wider applications for paper cutting and trimming are required.

Full Specifications:
Cut Length (inches / cm) 37 1/2" / 95.25 cm
Sheet Capacity (20 lb / 16 lb) 11 / 14*
Dimensions (inches / cm) 45 1/2" x 14 1/8" / 115.57 x 35.88 cm
Guides, Measures, imprinted trim markings Inches, centimeters / millimeters, protractor / degrees (angle cuts), squared template, cm grid layout
Verified cutting materials* paper, aluminum foil, card stock, construction paper, label stock, laminating film, photo paper, photographic film, vellum, specialty papers, cellophane
Design / Construction Metal baseplate, durable plastic sides, metal slide cutting bar
Cut Type Bidirectional rotary sliding blade
Clamp Manual set plus automatic
Accessories and features Quick release back stop guide, wall mountable, paper roll hanger mounts
Optional items (included) Item #696, Optional Floor Stand
Download sheets
Main Features:
  • Sturdy metal floor stand included
  • Rotary self sharpening blade, cuts in either direction
  • Automatic see through clamp keeps paper firmly in place while trimming
  • Quick release adjustable back-stop guide
  • Metal base plate and trimming bar, designed for longevity
  • Pre-printed measure rule guides, pre-printed sizing charts

(*All performance data has been established using #16 bond paper (8-1/2" x 11"). Different paper qualities may yield different results. Technical data subject to change.)