Destroyit Shredders - Full Line-up

The Destroyit Shredders by Ideal-MBM have set the standard in document and office shredding for over half a century.

Built using durable and solid materials, they also use cutting shafts made entirely of hardened steel which are also covered by a lifetime warranty (super micro-cut shafts are covered for one year). They include innovative features such as: SPS™ safety features, automatic paper feeding, quiet, powerful and energy efficient operation, and much more depending on model.

Destroyit 2270cc Shredder - Cross Cut MultiMedia

Destroyit 2465cc Cross Cut Deskside Shredder

Destroyit 2503sc Strip Cut Centralized Office Shredder

Destroyit 2360 SMC Government Approved Shredder - Type II Level 6

Destroyit 2503cc Cross Cut Shredder Government Approved

Destroyit 2604MC Micro Cut 0.8mm x 12mm Cross Cut Shredder

Destroyit 2604cc Central Office Shredder

Destroyit 3104cc Cross Cut MultiMedia Shredder

Destroyit 4002sc Strip Cut Centralized Office Shredder

Destroyit 3804cc Cross Cut Large Office Shredder

Destroyit 4002cc Cross Cut Government Approved Media Shredder

Destroyit 3105cc Cross Cut High Volume MultiMedia Shredder

Destroyit 4005sc Strip Cut High Capcity MultiMedia Shredder

Destroyit 4005MC Microcut Cross Cut 0.8mm x 12mm Shredder

Destroyit 4005cc Cross Cut Shredder Government Approved*

Destroyit 4005 SMC Government Approved Shredder - Type II Level 6

Destroyit 4605cc Cross Cut High Volume Shredder

Destroyit 4107sc Strip Cut High Capacity Shredder

Destroyit 4107cc Cross Cut Government Approved Shredder Type IIIB